The CakeSafe

Every once in a while, I find a product that so impacts my life that I just want to tell everyone- and the Cake Safe is one of those discoveries.

If you're a cake decorating enthusiast or know someone who is, I think you'll be as intrigued by the Cake Safe as I am. This innovative delivery system has transformed my wedding cake deliveries from nerve-wracking to stress-free. I can drive normally at the speed limit regardless of the terrain. Sudden stops, construction, potholes and steep hills? No problem- even a 4 or 5-tiered cake is stable and upright no matter what.

The Cake Safe can even be tipped sideways up to 45° and the cake is secure. It also affords protection from the weather with its clear inter-locking sides and top. There is no longer a delivery situation or location that poses a moment's concern! In more than 30 years and over a thousand wedding cake deliveries, the peace of mind I get from the using the Cake Safe is priceless.
  See for yourself- check out their site and see how it works.
   Or see the Cake Safe in action
  in this YouTube clip.
As seen with inventor Scott Chapin at the New York Cake convention, this cake has traveled over 1400 miles, and been tipped 45 degrees or more over 75 times!
     photo courtesy of Cake Safe

CS3762 These two photos show a cake in the CakeSafe before delivery and then finished on-site by adding a few more sugar orchids to the top layer.
photo by Jim Canole Photography
The cakes below all presented delivery challenges due to their delicate construction and time constraints at the venues. Thank heavens they could travel completely assembled in the CakeSafe ready to place on the cake table. I even dared to flip this cascading snowflake cake sideways to demo for the caterer before I set it up...that's confidence! Click any for detail...
4090 CS289 CS373 CS4368